The Knightsbridge is a cost concious range displaying a lovely bow front to all chests, really our best value for money range in the bedroom, available in eight gloss
door / drawer fronts and five base unit colours
On display is white on white, cream on oak and mushroom on oak.
KNI001 - 3 Drawer Locker
KNI003 - 5 Drawer Locker
KNI005 - 2 Drawer Locker
KNI010 - 3 Drawer Chest
KNI011 - 4 Drawer Chest
KNI012 - 5 Drawer Chest
KNI015 - 6 Drawer Midi Chest
KNI030 - Kneehole
KNI031 - Vanity
KNI032 - Desk
KNI035 - Blanket Box
KNI036 - 4 Drawer Bed Box
KNI040 - Stool
KNI044 - Small Mirror
KNI047 - Large Mirror
KNI049 - 3 Drawer Deep Chest
KNI050 - 4 Drawer Deep Chest
KNI058 - 2ft6in Plain Midi Robe
KNI075 - 3ft Headboard
KNI076 - 4ft Headboard
KNI077 - 4ft 6in Headboard
KNI078 - 5ft Headboard
KNI079 - 6ft Headboard
KNI080 - Tall 2ft 6in Plain Robe
KNI081 - Tall 2ft 6in 2 Drawer Robe
KNI087 - Tall 2ft 6in Mirror Robe
KNI090 - Tall Single Robe
KNI092 - Bookcase


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Welcome Knightsbridge Chests Of Drawers, Dressing Tables, Robes, Bedside Chests